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Byblos represents the introduction of modern technology innovation to the luxury real estate market. Our foundation is based on our vision to bring scale and depth to luxury living spaces across Southern California and empower those involved in the process to increase their wealth.

Byblos is a bespoke design, development, and investment firm that offers high-end, luxury real estate build and financial services. With a core expertise in luxury residential development using innovative technology solutions, and financial engineering, to bring our Clients’ dream to reality. Byblos brings next generation, experiential design services to the real estate market. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Byblos is led by a team with expertise across real estate technology, design, finance, architecture, operations, and sales.

Byblos is changing the paradigm by developing a platform for the development and management of end-to-end premium real estate through forward-thinking technologies. Our platform offers the ability to access near real time development updates, blockchain-secured financing, and augmented design processes that are cost-cutting and data-driven.

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Enhance property value

  • Source
  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Operations
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Invest in luxury assets

Real Estate Investments
  • Private Lending
  • Joint Venture Development
  • Blockchain Real Estate Investments
  • Real Estate Development Fund
  • Trust Deed Investment Opportunities


For Property Owners
  • Full Service Firm (Finance, Design, Build)
  • Market Knowledge
  • Cost Efficient Building Techniques
  • 360 Project Build Transparency
  • Design and Technology Studio
For Investors
  • Innovative Investment Solutions
  • High Returns and Investor Relations
  • Luxury and High End Expertise
  • Trusted and Data-Driven Operations
  • Strategic Investment Philosophy

Our Promise:

A one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs that meet your design, budget and timeline requirements.

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For Property Owners:

We offer end-to-end architecture, financing, design, and development leadership at the Management and General Contractor level for every project. Experience the benefits of end-to-end embedded software, fintech enabled financing, and digital project management.

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For Investors:

We offer quality investment products in premium markets with high resale performance. We operate in areas where we have regional expertise to uncover off-market projects that facilitate superior returns. We offer two main funds that provide greater access to the exclusive Southern California luxury real estate market.


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Lyon Kassab: Managing
Finance &
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Chris Ha: Managing
Design &
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Josh Emison: Head of
Operations &
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Gabriel Silva: Head of
Architecture &
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Byblos’ leadership comes from a tenured history of designing for scalability through innovation and antifragility. Byblos’ Principals have been repeat colleagues across multiple shared ventures and clients. This track record of collaboration and success has shaped the firm’s investment philosophy and ethos. Our leadership team consists of serial entrepreneurs and leading management consultants across startups, enterprises, design, technology, franchising, and finance.

When the pandemic hit in 2019, the group dedicated themselves to developing a philosophy centered on antifragility - working with companies across personal health, consumer luxury, real estate lending, food infrastructure, and blockchain innovation. Prior to the pandemic, the group focused on building and exiting scalable ventures - eventually bringing both these experiences to real estate development and asset management to Byblos.

The Antifragility of Real Estate

Our Joint Venture Investment Program and Asset Management practices are shaped by our ability to develop antifragile assets to endure market shocks and manage risk in every investment.



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